Responsive Web Design or RWD may be an unknown quantity to those who live outside the web development world, but new or redesigned sites that use RWD are popping up at an astonishing rate. One of the most important reasons to develop a website using RWD (our WebCentral sites use RWD, of course), is to address the explosive growth in mobile browsing and commerce. There are a number of ways to serve your mobile customers, but here is what Google has to say:

When building a website that targets smartphones, Google supports three different configurations:
  1. Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google’s recommended configuration.
  2. Sites that dynamically serve all devices on the same set of URLs, but each URL serves different HTML (and CSS) depending on whether the user agent is a desktop or a mobile device.
  3. Sites that have a separate mobile and desktop sites.

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