About Graphx Inc.

Imaging innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Graphx® Inc is a privately held Massachusetts-based software company.  For more than 30 years we’ve been a leader in developing innovative photo and imaging software solutions.  Graphx founder and CTO,  Pete Traversy, created the company with a clear vision:  to develop solutions that simplify the use and enhance the quality of digital images important to business users and consumers alike.

In the late 1980s  Pete developed software that dramatically shortened the time needed to produce computer-generated 35mm slides…by enabling business users to send their digital data over regular telephone lines to independent slide-making service bureaus.  His early recognition of the value to be gained from simplifying the staging, sending and printing of photo and graphic image files led to the development of RasterPlus in the early 1990s.  In the 20 years that followed more than 20,000 RasterPlus licenses were purchased by leading business, educational, medical, scientific  and government customers in over 75 countries. And as industry recognition of  RasterPlus grew,  major industry vendors as Fuji, Gretag, Kodak, Noritsu, Polaroid and Epson became RasterPlus resellers.

In 1998,  Pete conceived and developed the first “Photogize” application, designed to display photos on the industry’s first full-color handheld devices,  the Handspring Vizor Prism and Palm IIIc personal digital assistants.  The Photogize app enabled Palm and Handspring owners for the first time to view and store their personal color photos on their PDA and to send photo print orders to photo retailers.

To ensure the highest photo print quality at the widest range of independent retailers,  Graphx became the only software vendor in the photo industry to develop proprietary direct drivers compatible with every major manufacturer of digital minilabs and “dry labs” in the photo industry.  In less than 10 years,  more than 500 retailers,  in 10 countries on four continents,  had licensed a Photogize online or kiosk solution for daily use by their consumer and pro customers. The Photogize supported printer list includes Agfa dLab minilabs,  Fuji Frontier minilabs and dry labs,  HP photo retail dry labs,  Kodak DLS minilabs,  Konica minilabs,  Noritsu QSS minilabs and dry labs and KIS DKS/Digital Portal minilabs.

Today’s Graphx team has more than 90 years’ experience in software product development, new product management and product marketing, including 70 years’ experience in color graphics and photo imaging software development, printer hardware development, and production print system optimization.

Our current focus is on the future of imaging innovation.