CloudCover™ is launched!

CloudCover™ is a new content management system for Photogize PhotoCentral and Photogize Kiosk. With CloudCover, you can: publish custom creative products and templates, access Photogize-produced content, and share creative content with other Photogize system users.

Responsive Web Sites

Interact with more customers who want to connect with you in new ways…by giving them an optimal web experience on their PC, Mac, smart phone and tablet devices. Photogize Web Hosting employs HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure your website is responsive to the full range of digital devices your customers will use to visit your website anytime from anywhere.

Disaster Recovery

Photogize LabCare is a comprehensive catastrophic disaster recovery service, including technical failures (e.g. hard drive crash or other fatal PC failure), and natural disasters (e.g. fire, flood, tornado etc). We will fully recover and restore your Photogize application software, retailer-specific settings and recent order data. You only need to supply the replacement PC with Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, or System 7 installed.