Yes, we’re a tech company. We live tech. We breathe tech. Unfortunately we don’t always recognize that our clients don’t see tech the same way that we do. But we’re trying really hard to simplify our tech so that you can understand it, use it, and ultimately profit from it.

Here are a few things we’re doing to make our tech more accessible…

  1. The iPhone Connection Kit is a terrific way to engage your iPhone customers. Many of your customers are taking more photos with their iPhone than any other camera. And the Kit makes it easy to print iPhone photos at your kiosk. The product is simple to use and reasonably priced but most importantly, it is remotely installed and tested by Graphx techs; the retailer just needs to unpack it and plug the USB connector into the kiosk.
  2. LabCare is a new product we introduced to increase Photogize Kiosk and Photogize Lab reliability, to make remote service sessions faster and pain free, and to insure against catastrophic hardware failure. It’s like having an IT guy on speed dial.
  3. We are putting increased emphasis on using tech tools to provide more tech help to our customers:
    • We’ve upgraded our help desk to a more user-friendly tool
    • We can now respond more quickly to emailed help requests
    • We’re stepping up production of training videos

We’re not done. How can we make tech work for you? Just click the Ask Us box on the left of this page and tell us what you think.