iPhone Connection Kit for Photogize Kiosk

Our iPhone Connection Kit will treat your customer’s iPhone or iPod Touch like it’s an external drive, and make photos automatically available for viewing, printing and creating on your Photogize kiosk! The Connection Kit will display all the still photos stored in the iPhone’s Camera Roll on your kiosk. (and not read or display any videos stored.)

The Camera Roll is found within the Apple Photo app pre-installed on every iPhone. Apple’s Camera app and many leading 3rd Party companies, as Instagram, Pic Collage and Camera+ by default will store the photos in the Camera Roll. The iPhone Connection Kit is compatible with Photogize Kiosk 3 in SD, HD, and HD23 resolutions.

The kit includes a dock for iPhone 5/5S and a cable for older iPhone models, and utility software that is installed and runs in the background on your Photogize Kiosk. The iPhone is the most popular digital camera in the US! It’s critical that you support this creative and explosive market. Order your iPhone Connection Kit TODAY! Price includes remote configuration by a Photogize Technician.