We just published Version 5.02.02 of Photogize Lab.
To upgrade, do Tools…Check For Updates in Lab and let Lab download and install the update You can also click here to download and save the update for later installation.


Version 5.02.02
– Fixed some instability issues introduced in 5.02.01
– Specialty orders would sometimes fail to print – fixed

Version 5.02.01
– Some Liberty Gifts orders failed for lack of a product ID – Fixed
– Improved Order loading time for large orders
– Added a timed dialog box to some republish errors

Version 5.02.00
– Added Default Product Sets for new accounts.
– Digital Download Low Res product settings incorrect for regenerated master and servant accounts – Fixed
– Invalid “Error Printing” failure when selecting multiple orders for printing – Fixed

Version 5.01.16
– Lab crashes when editing a specialty product without an internet connection to the PC – Fixed
– Some users experienced Random Write Order Data errors – Fixed
– “Partial” designation not being displayed correctly – Fixed
– Some Gifts in Specialty Products not properly setting default Finish Options – Fixed

Version 5.01.15
– Finish Categories without options could cause the Kiosk to crash
– In some cases an invalid field valus in a product caused a print failure

Version 5.01.14
– Added new fields for Events to Export Data
– Added serial number status check

Version 5.01.13
– Products Style incorrect in servant accounts – Fixed

Version 5.01.12
– Specialty Products not publishing correctly – Fixed

Version 5.01.11
– Orders with no images printing an index caused Lab to fail – Fixed
– Add Digital Downloads as a new product
– Add Check for Duplicates in Product Validation

Version 5.01.10
– Intermittent problem updating Orders folder when harvesting multiple orders – Fixed

Version 5.01.09
– Product editing fields were incorrectly enabled for servant accounts – Fixed
– Improved Restore Account function
– Added capability to ONLY restore Product information to Restore Account function
– Added additional specific fields for Find Order function
– Changed Remote Diagnostic link to access GoToAssist
– Some Index Print incorrectly did not display images with the same name – Fixed

Version 5.01.08
– In some instances missing images caused Lab to crash – Fixed
– In some instances inability to access products for editing caused Lab to crash – Fixed

Version 5.01.07
– Housekeeping will ALWAYS update the webservices status to Archived
– Improved Access to Local Folders
– Improved error processing when failing to connect to the Print Server
– Changing Special Product description causes failure when updating a servant account – Fixed
– Some users have experienced intermittent crashes while harvesting – Fixed
– Wholesale option for some Gifts not always available – Fixed

Version 5.01.06
– Custom Page size print files not being deleted – Fixed
– Incorrect selection of Smallest In order for Index Print – Fixed
– Wholesale orders incorrectly marked as OK when failing – Fixed
– Some images distorted when using Custom Size and Crop – Fixed
– Products using “1/2” symbol rendered incorrectly in xConnect Server.xml file – Fixed
– Additional Product information displayed in middle panel
– Initial new account setting for uploading changes set to “Each Day At Midnight”
– New and Edited Products will display Specialty Products by Category

Version 5.01.05
– The “1/2” symbol incorrectly rendered in Master Harvest rules – Fixed
– CD Burning incorrectly burning larger orders – Fixed
– Option selection made “sticky” for CD Burn
– The copy count for some specialty products printing to the Photogize Print Server was incorrect – Fixed

Version 5.01.04
– Added order log for wholesale orders
– Some Kiosk specialty orders unnecessarily uploading images to web services – Fixed

Version 5.01.03
– Burn Disc failure – Fixed
– Send To and Send From names will be retained in the Test E-mail dialog box

Version 5.01.02
– Some wholesale orders were incorrectly reported as submitted – Fixed
– Products using the “1/2” symbol were published incorrectly – Fixed
– Feature added to allow shipping to be applied to ALL States/Regions/Province

Version 5.01.01
– Specifying the root folder failed to create an output file for print jobs – Fixed
– In some cases invoices display an invalid first entry – Fixed
– Images harvested with a “empty” name fail to print – Fixed
– Added functionality to submit orders to a Wholesaler
– Validate products would fail if Rasterplus was not installed – Fixed
– Update Changes Immediate created incorrect sizes on the server
– Images for PrintWizard and Internet connected Kiosk would be created incorrectly – Fixed
– Product names with 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 cause failures updating product information – Fixed

Version 5.01.00
– Added access to Gift products
– Modified the New/Edit Product process

Version 5.00.08
– Specialty Products could be Renamed – Fixed
– Disc Burner not ejecting disc when completed – Fixed
– File display on Disc Burner displays incorrectly in some cases – Fixed
– Modified Volume Name not written to Disc – Fixed

Version 5.00.07
– Intermittent failure to connect to Photogize Print Server when printing(Windows 7) – Fixed
– Updated Disc Burner software

Version 5.00.06
– Specialty Products displayed in Product Group definition – Fixed
– Added ability to reorder Product Groups
– Harvest Rules check boxes not disabled when Lock checked in the Account Information panel – Fixed
– Add Promotion not publishing data correctly – Fixed
– Downloaded Promotion information for a servant account incorrect – Fixed
– Workforce Defaults not displayed correctly in Windows 7 – Fixed

Version 5.00.05
– Add Test Email option to E-mail Configuration
– Add EventPro channel
– Add Multi-product promotions support
– Blank pages sometimes sent when Printing multiple page creative products direct to a Windows printer – Fixed

Version 5.00.04
– Incorrect Product type assigned to some specialty products for Servant accounts – Fixed
– In some printing job conflicts with image adjustments could cause Lab to fail – Fixed
– Incorrect number of copies were printed if the product for a Photo is changed from a Specialty product to a Standard product – Fixed

Version 5.00.03
– Some PDF files not sized correctly – Fixed
– In some instance WorkForce adjustments could cause Lab to fail – Fixed
– Image rotation not being passed to Standard Windows printers – Fixed

Version 5.00.02
– Adjustments made to prints going to a standard printer not applied – Fixed
– Some specialty orders from kiosks did not process properly – Fixed

Version 5.00.01
– Add auto-fill prompting for Finish Categories and Options
– Harvest Rules incorrectly harvesting images for CD – Fixed
– In some instances the incorrect cropping was displayed in lab – Fixed
– In some instance Invoices failed for Specialty Products – Fixed
– In some cases XML code was incorrectly generated using double quotes – Fixed

Version 5.00.00
– Add support for multi page invoice
– Add support to specify Finishing Options for Specialty products
– Add support to print the selected Finish Options on the Order Invoice
– Add support to selectively publish products to xConnect
– Added recommended size for Invoice Logo
– Add NOD Backup at LAB Startup
– Recommended Sizes for Print Wizard logos incorrect – Fixed
– Servant accounts unable to select custom size when editing standard products – Fixed
– Progress bars in the XConnect harvesting dialog box updated incorrectly – Fixed
– Cancelling a Specialty Product printing to a file caused a loop – Fixed
– Printing Specialty Products to a file reset the photo copies to 1 – Fixed
– Incorrect “Apply To” product would sometimes be selected when editting a Promotion – Fixed
– Unable to turn off Local Harvest Rules in middle panel display – fixed
– Unable to select CD as a product in Local Harvest Rules – Fixed
– In some cases “Partial” jobs did not show order number in Noritsu CT Processing – Fixed

Version 4.00.04
– Using arrows to move to the next image in Full Screen mode sometimes changed the assigned product – Fixed
– Only able to select the first specialty item in an order for selective printing – Fixed

Version 4.0.3
– New error message if a servant account attempts an unauthorized access to account information
– Add the capability for a Master account to print an invoice when No Products are
harvested at the master account site
– Photogize Producer can now be updated through Photogize Lab “Check for Updates” feature
– Local Photos images not being displayed – Fixed
– Music on Premium CDs not being played for slideshow on MACs – Fixed

Version 4.0.2
– Add the capability for Master accounts to FORCE Master Harvest rules use by Servant accounts
– Add Producer CD/DVD to the Master Harvest Product List
– Some cropping of picture in Photo Central not processed properly – Fixed

Version 4.0.1
– Print to Windows Printer failed if TEMP folder not on drive C – Fixed
– Description is set to Blank for Specialty Products in a servant account – Fixed
– Reduce memory usage when color correcting is used
– Specialty product Base Price sometimes did not stick after being modified – Fixed
– In some cases the HTML code not properly constructed for standard CD – Fixed
– Added new feature to allow xConnect interface to be Activated and DeActivated
– Unable to modify number of copies for specialty products – Fixed
– Account panel displayed local harvest rules when master selected – Fixed

Version 4.0.0
– Added print to Standard Windows printer as a print option for products
– Added Backup/Restore Account information feature
– Added print to PDF as a print option for products
– Added code to improve PCI compliance
– Added new Specialty Products for PhotoCentral 3 Platinum support
– In some cases Harvest Selected orders did not work – Fixed
– Servant account local harvest rules sometimes reset incorrectly – Fixed
– Producer CDs & DVDs created from a kiosk incorrectly displayed a print link – Fixed

Version 3.9.10
– In some cases printing a single file from an order failed – Fixed
– In some cases Original Images files were not being copied to the Producer disk – Fixed
– Added new format option for Index Prints
– PostUp Channel not displaying invalid images with a Red X – Fixed

Version 3.9.9
– Lab failed to load some DLL files on some PCs – Fixed

Version 3.9.8
– Producer Orders from the Kiosk failed to print index prints – Fixed
– Some Producer orders with large images failed – Fixed
– Kiosk order quantity discounts not displayed correctly on invoice – Fixed
– Memory leak when applying adjustments to images – Fixed
– In some cases the standard CD Index Html displayed multiple copies of the same image – Fixed
– Changed archiving to archive only after printing and producer are done.

Version 3.9.7
– Changed the Local harvest rules updating process
– Some images displayed incorrectly in the Producer Slide Show – Fixed
– Find Order failing to find order based on customer information – Fixed
– TIFF files with JPEG Compression not processing correctly with Photoshop – Fixed
– Some orders losing order information – Fixed

Version 3.9.6
– Name and Billing information missing from some previously harvested orders – Fixed

Version 3.9.5
– Modified Encryption to improve speed
– Invoice Blank for orders created in Lab using New Order – Fixed

Version 3.9.4
– Slow program initialization – Fixed
– Producer Orders not freeing page files – Fixed
– Added adjustment fields for margins on DVD Case Cover
– Virtual menu not being freed when harvesting CD/DVD orders – Fixed

Version 3.9.3
– Faster thumbnail generation on index prints
– Local Harvest rules in Servant not being updated when Master product list changes – fixed
– Index prints sometimes show $0.00 total – fixed.
– Premium CD and DVD Promotions can now be created.
– Total index page count incorrect on index prints – Fixed
– Right side logo incorrect on index prints – Fixed
– Support for Kiosk Producer Orders

Version 3.9.2
– KeySweep and XConnect order import function not always working – fixed

Version 3.9.1
– Producer original files not moving to proper folder – fixed

Version 3.9.0
– CD Producer added
– E-mail upload defaults incorrectly reset – fixed
– Conflict between Kiosk and PhotoCentral Harvesting – fixed
– E-mail using MAPI setting failed when no Send To Address – fixed

Version 3.8.0
– Some JPEG files with incorrect EXIF headers would crash lab – fixed
– Index prints that included a CD would print incorrectly – Fixed
– Some Custom Sizes generated an incorrect “Invalid Custom Size” error – Fixed
– Create Photogize Shortcut Setup Files failed – Fixed
– Modify Master Harvest Rules dialog to allow for more products to be displayed

Version 3.7.9
– The allowable length for PickUp or Shipping strings on the Index Print has been increased
– The allowable length for address fields on the Index Print has been increased
– In some instances the products using custom size created the incorrect number of prints – Fixed
– Some custom size definitions failed to print – Fixed

Version 3.7.8
– In some cases a bar code file would not be deleted – Fixed
– Added message to indicate completed XConnect Harvest
– Added message to indicate XConnect Path not defined
– Changed XConnect Harvest to add job to folder after each job
– If XConnect harvesting stopped for any reason all jobs had to be resubmitted – Fixed
– Index Print creation has been changed to reduce the files sent when printing an index.
– In some cases invalid characters were being passed as part of the product description – Fixed
– Montage print creation has been changed to reduce the files sent when creating a custom print.
– Added the capability to add special instructions to a locally created order.
– Added the capability to add special instructions to an exiting order.
– Added the capability to edit special instructions in an existing order.
– In some cases an account could not be deleted – Fixed

Version 3.7.7
– In some cases Lab would freeze when harvesting xConnect and WebServer orders simultaneously – Fixed

Version 3.7.6
– In some cases it was possible to run two copies of Lab simultaneously – Fixed
– In some cases Lab would hang when Auto Print Invoice was selected – Fixed

Version 3.7.5
– Some orders with mixed RasterPlus and Output Folder Products would fail to print – Fixed
– Edits for some PostUp orders were not applied in Lab – Fixed

Version 3.7.4
– Add an entry to Adjustments for WorkForce
– Add Order Number to image display information
– Duplicate Products Created when creating first account – Fixed
– Add a function to validate product definition with RasterPlus media
– Change initial XConnect “Delete Photos after Harvest” setting to True
– In some circumstance Local Harvest rules for servant accounts would incorrectly be reset – Fixed
– Add a selection to allow a specific order number to be harvested
– Added RSS toolbar feed