Kiosk 2.7.2 is now live with the following changes:
– Added support for multi-page calendars out to 12-2013
– Added Support for Photogize HAL

Kiosk 2.7.1 is now live with the following changes:
– Portrait JPEGs from some cameras were appearing distorted in specialty products – fixed
– IPI folded cards had some mismatched fronts and backs

– Moving back and forth between different specialty product types sometimes caused the mixing bowl image to be distorted – fixed
– added PT 2012 single page calendars

– Facebook made a change to their interface which prevented us from reading some albums – fixed
– When you add a CD to a print order, it sometimes prompts you to make a premium cd (only std cds can be added to print orders) – fixed
– added support for new PT and IPI holiday card content.
Note: new PT cards are built into the kiosk installers. For IPI holiday card support, you must download and install one or more of the following content installers:

for IPI 4×8 holiday flats:

for IPI 5×7 holiday flats:

for 5×7 folded cards WITH BLEED: Folded_Bleed.exe

for 5×7 folded cards WITHOUT BLEED Folded_NB.exe

A detailed email will be mailed to you regarding the new holiday content.

– Introduced a bug in 2.6.7 where std CDs could not be added to order – fixed
– Background rendering of new calendar products would crash if user exited app and re-entered – fixed

– 11×17 and 10×5 multipage calendars now range from 9/11 through 12/12

– Kiosk HD and HD23 were not clearing the email field on the start of a new Facebook session – fixed
– HD skin said to “remove media” where it should have said “insert media” – fixed

– added Facebook Connect support
– a few UI tweaks
– some stability fixes

– added IPI all-season content
– enabled liberty gifts in CK version
– a number of stability fixes

– standard CDs should not be available when purchasing a specialty product – fixed
– stability fixes

– multi-hole flat cards not always working – fixed
– updated a PT template (057_5x7) to remove photo rotation which was causing image artifacts when printed

– multi-hole folded cards not always working – fixed
– updated 5×7 photo panel gift template to reflect correct orientation

– some PT folded card templates were missing – fixed
– kiosk now skips over the “custom” selector page if this is the only standard or quick print option
– kiosk now lets you check a box on the “General” page to skip over the opening photo load page.

– several minor template and theme tweaks
– multi-product promotions not working properly – fixed

– full product synchronization with the PhotoCentral 4

– Some start months not working on multi-page calendars – fixed
– Rotational edits no longer trigger product warning on print order page
– minor stability improvements

– minor stability improvements
– 2 for 1 promotion was broken – fixed

– more stability improvements in quick print engine
– added new 2010-2011 calendars
– can now select calendar start date
– support for multi-product promotions
– long standard CD prep times would sometimes result in print selections being reset – fixed

– some quick print products were broken by 2.5.1 – fixed

– Support for multi-product promotions
– Support for “fit” sizing. If a product is set to fit in pz lab it will be set to fit in pw. If not, a user can zoom out and get the photo to fit. The user will be warned that there may be borders.
– Support for at-kiosk authentication
– Stability fixes

To upgrade to the latest Version, Go to Admin mode, and click on Configure Kiosk, then click the About tab. Now click Check for Updates and allow the application to download and install the update.

You can also download the updates from this page:

There are three kiosk versions: standard, creative, and HD. Be sure to download the correct installer.