Products and templates for IPI MSP Mother’s Day / Father’s Day 2018 are now live.  Remember that, to use this content, you need to be an IPI member AND own one MSP Unlimited License for each copy of Lab you are using.

These products are now live:

IPI Mother's Day/Father's Day 2018Notes
Mother's Day Mug (IPI MSP)updated
Mother's Day Travel Mug (IPI MSP)updated
Mother's Day Hard Board 5x7 (IPI MSP)updated
Mother's Day Metal 8x8 (IPI MSP)updated
Father's Day Mug (IPI MSP)updated
Father's Day Travel Mug (IPI MSP)updated
Father's Day Hard Board 5x7 (IPI MSP)updated
Father's Day Metal 8x8 (IPI MSP)updated
Mother's Day Tapered Bottleall new
Father's Day Tapered Bottleall new
Card Style Bottle Openerall new
Pub Style Bottle Openerall new