New Feature – Rework Plus
The original Rework feature provided a way to make changes to a Creative product, changes such as misspellings in user entered text. The Rework PLUS feature also provides for making changes to such things as user entered text but also provides a way to enhance the images in a Creative product. In addition, images submitted for printing as Standard prints can also be enhanced using Rework Plus.
A single image, or multiple images within an order, can be selected for enhancement. The original image, or images, is copied to a folder. After these images are enhanced, using your choice of the enhancement tool, select Rework Plus again to copy the images back into the order. While the enhancements are being made Photogize Lab will continue to process.
NOTE: The file name of the image CAN NOT be changed.

Some limitations.
Rework Plus will not work on an order with both Standard Prints and Creative Prints.
Rework Plus will not work on Creative Prints submitted through a Kiosk.

Changes to address an intermittent problem that prevented Creative products from printing.
Changes to the default settings selected when a new account is created.
Removed Creative products from the list of products available for index prints.

Click here to update from any version 6.xx.xx of PhotogizeLab to Version 6.02.08. After downloading, click Repair in the opening setup dialog (50MB)

Important: Do NOT install over an existing copy of Lab 5.x unless you have purchased a Lab 6.x upgrade!