On May 1, Facebook removed all support for Version 1 of their API.  The API is the piece of their platform that lets third party applications (like PhotoCentral, NYTimes, etc…) connect with Facebook.  PhotoCentral and Photogize Kiosk relied on some Version 1 features so we needed to upgrade our software infrastructure to regain full Facebook support.  This process is now complete and all our products have regained full connectivity.

One important note on the new Facebook API – you may now only see photos from Friends who have explicitly approved the PhotoCentral Connect or Photogize Kiosk Connect apps.  So when your Friends screen loads in PhotoCentral or Photogize Kiosk, you may see a significantly reduced number of available friends.  We would, of course, encourage you to ask your friends to use the Facebook feature of PhotoCentral or Photogize Kiosk so that you can regain the ability to view and print their Facebook photos!