The POODLE attack has been in the news recently.  And in response to this threat, we now block clients that use SSL 3.0.  This change could affect you and/or your users IF you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 or lower.  A few points:

  • These changes won’t affect you or your customers if you are using a Macintosh or a PC with Windows Vista/7/8
  • PhotoCentral customers using Internet Explorer on Windows XP users MUST be using IE8 or better.  Older versions of IE will no longer work with PhotoCentral.
  • PrintWizard and Photogize Lab users MUST have IE8 or better installed on their Windows machine.  Even though PrintWizard and Photogize Lab appear to operate independently of your browser, they actually use the low level internet connectivity of your installed Internet Explorer browser.  And the minimum installed version is IE8.
  • Some Internet Explorer version 8 browsers MAY be misconfigured in such a way to prevent a connection from PhotoCentral, Photogize Lab, or PrintWizard to our servers.  The solution:
    • Launch Internet Explorer (Start….Internet Explorer)
    • Do Tools / Internet Options (you may need to click the Alt key to see the menu)
    • Click on the Advanced Tab
    • Click on Restore advanced settings
    • Click OK.  All Photogize products will now correctly connect from this machine to our servers