The Apple ecosystem is exploding. iMacs, Macbooks, iPads and iPhones are becoming ubiquitous computing tools for consumers and businesses alike. In 2011, OSX market share in North America had increased to over 14%. The iPhone cornered 24% of worldwide smartphone sales. And the Apple iPad has become the dominant device in the tablet market.

Furthermore, it is widely recognized that Apple’s market share is even higher among the most prolific media producers and consumers. And isn’t this precisely the folks that you want as customers?

Graphx has long played nicely with Apple. We have been developing and selling Apple software and utilities for over 20 years. And PhotoCentral, our online ordering service, was Macintosh-compatible when Macs were just a tiny slice of the desktop market.

We have some pretty important Apple-friendly solutions for you and your customers. And we are hard at work at expanding our reach into the ecosystem. Expect more Apple announcements in the coming weeks and months.

But here are four key ways that you can help your Apple customers TODAY.

Offer printing from iPhoto

Apple has gone to great lengths to simplify the user experience. Their latest desktop OS, Lion, makes things vastly easier and simpler for the consumer. The flip side of this simplicity is an internal complexity that can make life difficult for some third party partners.

Most Apple iMac consumers use iPhoto to organize, store and share their photos. And Apple makes it easy to order prints and books from within iPhoto DIRECTLY FROM APPLE. So, how can photo retailers offer competitive products?

We have two solutions. Simple iPhoto photo uploading to PhotoCentral. And an iPhoto plugin for direct uploads to PhotoCentral from iPhoto. Check out this video for more information.

Offer iPhone uploading for mobile customers

Our PhotoCentral mobile app is a FREE download for your PhotoCentral customers. Your customers can use this neat app to upload photos, view online photos, and share iPhone photos with friends and family. See more here.

Offer direct iPhone printing from your kiosks

The iPhone connection kit for Photogize kiosks offers a direct iPhone and iPod connection for your kiosks. Your customers can plug their device into the kiosk, touch the screen, and make prints, books, and gifts. It really is that easy. You can get your iPhone connection kit here.

Present a responsive website to Apple iPhone and iPad users

Photogize WebCentral is a next generation platform that gives you a responsive online presence. Check out our website on your mobile phone or tablet. Then look at your current website on the same device. Nuff said. See more here.

And we’re not done. Please come back often for more tips, tricks and products for helping your customers navigate the exciting Apple ecosystem.