Welcome to the new Photogize website. It was time to update our website, and we wanted to make sure we delivered more than improved eye candy. Our goal was to create a more useful and engaging site for you, our current customers, and new prospects. We gave it a lot of thought and came up with these specific design objectives for the new website:

Showcase our expanding new suite of products
In Q2 and Q3 of this year, we plan to release more innovative products and services than ever before in our history. And our new website is our launch platform. Plan to visit here often, as we’ll be updating the site frequently with information about our next-generation products and services.

Access the website from Any Device, Any Time, Any Where,
Our new website is built using WebCentral, our new Photogize website development platform. As CTO, I like to say it’s agile, responsive, and features loads of tasty HTML5. But really we want you to know it built with you, the photo retailer and small business owner, in mind. Any retailer think mobile devices are not important to your business future and future business? WebCentral websites are responsive… meaning a single website is fully viewable and accessible by your mobile and tablet customers, just as it is by your Windows and Mac PC customers. This is a must-have website feature in 2012. Check it out on all your devices! You’ll see what we mean. Now imagine that YOUR website was this responsive. Are you imagining? Good. Now give us a call or message us and we’ll talk…

Make it easy for YOU to tell US what you’re thinking
We’ve partnered with Zendesk, the leader in online helpdesks. Your ability to reach us just got easier. See the blue “Ask Us” over on the left of each webpage? Click it to, well, ask us something. It can be about something you see on that page, or really, any question at all . We’ll answer your questions and deliver solutions faster, with less friction. In the next month we move all current HeloDesk support to Zendesk.

Make it easy for YOU to know what WE’RE thinking
We’ve got our blog on, as you can see from the BLOG menu item at the top. We intend to get more kinds of information to you, different kinds of information to you, and with less delay. We’ll surely share Photogize tips and techniques, and best practices from fellow retailers. But we’ll also give you our take on the photo retail market, maybe pontificate on emerging digital imaging technologies and trends, and occasionally even deliver some fun facts. (Like this head scratcher: Did you know the price Facebook is paying Instagram for each mobile photo customer is about one hundred times the price Shutterfly is paying Kodak for each PC/Mac-based photo customer?)

Improve your online shopping experience, and your customers’ too
There are plenty of products you can buy from us online, so we’ve redesigned our online shop to better present our products. More importantly, our new shop UI s a preview of Cart 2.0, the new commerce engine that we’ll launch in Q3 of this year. Cart 2.0 it has more payment options, more shipping options, integrated shipment tracking, and it’s fully PCI compliant. Check it out here.

Take a look around. We think you’ll like what you see. And please tell us what you think!