Photogize Kiosk 3 Upgrade

Kiosk 3 is our next-generation take on an old favorite. Kiosk 3 delivers the same functionality as our HD23 kiosk, but with three new important features: (1) Search and Select multiple folders on customers’ large capacity digital media, (2) Photogize CloudCover™ compatibility enabling an unlimited range of custom creative products and templates, and (3) Facebook and Instagram Connectivity, to view and order Facebook photos on the kiosk.

You may upgrade from ANY Kiosk Version 2 to Kiosk Version 3.

Kiosk 3 software is available in three screen resolutions: 1920×1080, 1680×1050, and 1024×768. Only install the version that matches your available hardware display resolution.

The Kiosk 3 annual software maintenance fee is $250/year.